Events schedule for 2017
  1. “My genealogical tree” – continuation of a long-term project
  2. “Priuralye’s reading family – 2017” regional contest (May)
  3. Within “One country – one book” programme framework contest of paintings among readers of children libraries of the oblast (November)
  4. “We are reading to children about the war” VIII International event (May)
  5. “Books build bridges” contest of national literatures (creations of Belorussian literature) (June)
  6. “My Motherland is Kazakhstan” ” interregional conference among young librarians within “Libraries in XXI century through the eyes of young people” common theme (April)
  7. “Children library: traditions and innovations” oblast scientific conference (June)
  8. “Olenmen ornektelgen omir” (for 80th anniversary from K. Zhumagaliyev birthday) – poetic reading contest
  9. “Akyl men ardyn ardageri” (for 100th anniversary from S. Seitov birthday) evening-poetry (November)
  10. “Erliktin zhyry – eldiktin eskertkishi” (for 275th anniversary from birthday of Syrym Datov) – contest of readers (May)