Advices to teachers and parents

Library – is a significant resource in a question of raising children. It serves a function of assistant and guide. West-Kazakhstan regional library for children and youth named after Khamza Yesenzhanov is a methodical center on issues of children’s reading, has all resources, possesses traditional methods and masters the innovational methods of work with kids and parents, attracting them to reading, and also has the possibility to work with kids of the youngest age and their parents.

The work of library for children and youth named after Khamza Yesenzhanov with parents is directed towards increase of parents competency in questions such as contact with a child, widening their psychological and pedagogical knowledge, as well as to increase the possibilities of parents to influence a child through his or her attraction to books, his or her reading interests in a future.

For teachers our library is a partner in outside school, educational activity with children and their parents. The range of activities of our library is very wide: from thematically events in educational enterprises or in the walls of library to speeches at parents’ meetings.

On “To parents and teachers” page we offer to you various sections, that will open the potential of our library in working with parents and teachers.

New things

Family reading

Parents meeting on children reading

Reading to kids

Reading about kids

Distant center “Library is near”

Useful links

On the pages of these sections you will find advices on how to attract children to reading, recommendations on thematic children reading, and information about new literature for parents and teachers, about the “Parents’ meeting on children reading” programme, and also about the possibility to communicate with library specialists through distant center “Library is near”.