4. Book keeping sector

There is a department in the library, where human foot has not stepped yet. It is called book keeping department. It provides a keeping of library book fund, controls its saving and movement inside the library. Book keeping sector is the main keeper of wisdom, scientific thought, experience of many generations. Over 92 thousands units are being kept here – those are books, periodicals, CDs. It is from here to all departments of the library all books and journals are given to the readers.

Readers of the library can get acquainted with the fund of rare and precious books. There are books of foreign and native publications dated by the beginning of XX century in it. The rarest publication of K. Marx, which is “Louis Bonaparte” dated by 1906. The real excitement from children and teenagers will get books that are original by design. These are books – toys, books – panoramas, musical books.

The books with autographs and donative signs of writers, who met with readers in different years, have a special value in the sector. There are autographs of Dzhuban Moldagaliyev, Akushtap Baktygereeva, Kadyr Myrza Ali, Rollan Seysenbayev and many others.