2. Informational-bibliographical department

In the library the intermediary between readers and information is the informational-bibliographical department. It is a glossarial and consultation center, possessing an invaluable fund of glossarial and bibliographic publications.

Every reader from young age to old is interested to receive information in a quick and on time fashion, easiness and accessibility of the search. Here, recommendation bibliography comes to help, which in this relation becomes not only a guide in the sea of information, but a vital necessity. Special importance or actuality in the modern stage take questions of ecology, tolerance, international peace, friendship between nations, living on our land, the issues of preventing drug addiction and alcoholism among teenagers, recommendation lists that are released for our readers are like a lighthouse in a sea of information – “Kazakhstan Nations Assembly”, “The tragedy of Naryn – the tragedy of Nation”, “Speak English”, “A soul guides a hand”, “Drawing – is the language of equipment, etc. Bulletins of new admissions “What to read by a whole family” are a guide for family reading. A big help for information search on local area studies is given to the users by Bibliographic aids of short form – Notes to jubilees, writers, Heroes of Great Patriotic War, musicians, artists – our countrymen, and also jubilee dates of big industrial enterprises of the city, region, just simply important dates of some historical events, related to local area; digests of the series “The streets of the city are telling”, notes “They visited our city”, “Industrial Uralsk”, etc.

Every minute, every hour the specialists try to achieve the Main goal – to satisfy requests of users, to improve informational level with all available resources.