1. Innovational – methodical department of the library

Innovational-methodical department – is the place, where colleagues go for advice and recommendations. The Methodists of the department are always ready to give a qualified consulting and practical assistance on actual questions of informational service of children and managers. Also, importantly – is to help every library and to librarians to find one’s own place in a library space of the region, to arm them with professional knowledge, to protect, to teach, to consult.

Main activities of the department:

  1. Consulting, methodical, analytical work.
  2. Participation in librarians’ qualification improvement system.
  3. Methodical provision of library activities
  4. Project, programme activity organization.

Every year the department organizes seminars, scientific conferences, round tables for the city and district children libraries’ employees, raises the qualifications of specialists that are working with children, including already traditional event “Kniga” amongst school librarians of Uralsk city.

Innovational-methodical department possesses professionally formed fund of methodical materials for the assistance of facilitators of children reading activities.

Traditional methodical file-cabinet offices are also systematically refilled. Special attention is given to publishing activities. Informational review “Library service of children and youth of West Kazakhstan in numbers and facts” for the past year – is a traditional yearly publication. Besides that, methodical publications on different questions of organization of librarian work with children, on district children libraries’ employees’ applications are published, writing consultations are prepared.